Creating functional and intelligent robotic agents

Planetary Robots Deployed for Assembly and Construction of Future Lunar ISRU and Supporting Infrastructures.

What is Pro-Act?

PRO-ACT – robotic collaboration for ISRU

The Horizon 2020 EU-funded PRO-ACT project will aim to develop and demonstrate a cooperation and manipulation capabilities between three robots for assembling an in-situ resource utilisation (ISRU) plant. The project will build on the technological results of other project outcomes from the PERASPERA project and its operational grants (OGs). PRO-ACT will show how robot working agents, or RWAs, can work together collaboratively to achieve a common goal.


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Our first goal:

Enabling human settlement on the moon by assembling an ISRU plant from building blocks

Our Second Goal:

Partial assembly of a ‘mobile gantry’ which can be used for 3D printing building elements for human habitats and lifting heavy loads

Our Third Goal:

Effectively integrate existing software and hardware robotics building blocks to create functional RWAs

Pandemic-proof testing – the challenge for the final demonstration

Despite the widespread impacts of COVID-19 for all consortium partners, the consortium continues to work together. Remote working has been …

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PRO ACT Final Demonstration in March 2021

As the project comes to an end, PRO-ACT partners worked together remotely to demonstrate individual and cooperative robots  After 27 …

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The German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Bremen hosted the Phase 1 in-situ integration and testing in September …

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384.400 km

Distance between Earth and the Moon

21 billion km

The most distant human-made object is the spacecraft Voyager 1


Number of robots on  planets other than earth