PRO-ACT SRR @ GMV, Madrid, 23-24 May 2019

Since the kick-off of the first work package in PRO-ACT in February 2019, partners had been working on reviewing the state of the art on cooperative multi-robot mission planning and collaborative manipulation, re-use and potential adaptations of building blocks, identification of reference scenarios and defining system requirements. The culmination of these efforts from February to April 2019 within the project consortium resulted in the preparation and release of technical, project management, exploitation and dissemination plans deliverables to the PSA and EC, two weeks before the SRR for them to review the contents.

Partners present at the SRR in Madrid with the EC Project Officer.

PSA members and EC project officer attended this milestone review meeting to provide their feedback and findings from analyzing the documents to estimate the progress made by the project. Work package and task leaders presented the status, resulting in constructive discussions with the PSA to overcome challenges and improve descriptions.  The ambition of the scenarios were reviewed in detail to narrow the scope of work to demonstration of multi-robot cooperation and collaboration tasks, while reducing the priority on tasks that can be performed by single agent systems. The overall review performed by the PSA and resulting suggestions were provided as RIDs (Review Item Discrepancy) to be addressed after the SRR.

Partners convened at GMV for half a day before the SRR to discuss open technical points, update presentations for the SRR and plan the next set of activities. A project level team dinner was organized by GMV for partners to interact in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

Thanks to partner’s strong collaborative efforts, the SRR was successful after completing the review of outcomes as a part of the first work package, granting the project to continue into the next phase of preliminary system design and early developments.