Preliminary Design Review and the first system integration on Mantis @ DFKI

Welcome back for 2020 as we recap one of our important steps from late last year

The German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Bremen hosted the PRO-ACT Preliminary Design Review last November. Consortium partners and members of the PERASPERA Programme Support Activity (PSA) were present, as progress was presented to the Horizon 2020 Funding Body.

During the day, consortium partners presented the preliminary system design of adaptations and extensions to the common building blocks, and unveiled new designs for custom non-building block elements of the multi-robot system setup.

In the days leading up to the PDR meeting, a set of preliminary integration tests were performed with the Mantis robot at DFKI. During these tests PRO-ACT consortium partners evaluated and tested the sensors, processing unit, ground truth tracking and legged mobility of the Mantis robot with a positive outcome.

The next phase of the project moves into the critical design phase along with early developments of the software and hardware sub-systems.

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The Mantis robot during testing at DFKI.